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Discover my trainings and services

Coach in Visual Facilitation

During my trainings, I share various visual facilitation tools that are recognized for fast contents transferability; everyone can draw. The video showcases me in action during a training event.

Sketcher and Consultant

On my clients’ demand, I translate most of a conference or work session in visual elements. I create visual protocols that make communication easier and help to memorize complex content through their visual and creative impact.


Conferences in visual facilitation

Visual facilitation is a relatively recent practice of using large-scale images and posters to guide groups and individuals towards a specific goal. This method is used in various key moments a company may go through, such as meetings, seminars, workshops or conferences. Above all, it helps to enhance any communication process within a SMB.

My methods

During my classes, I follow a step-by-step approach that allows everyone to keep up with me and create their own tools. Here is a didactic video that will show you one of my exercises “how to create a poster”.


In 2008 I created Breath of Fire Eco & Yogafashion, an ethical clothing line, which we successfully distribute today throughout Europe. Thanks to this experience I learned in a 1:1 way the management of an SME with its multiple challenges. Through this committed project we show that creativity and love for beautiful things are essential elements to create a more equitable world. 

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