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Visual facilitation

Draw your ideas and seduce the audience through a creative and efficient way of communication


The introduction to visual facilitation is an innovative method developed by Cornelia. Thanks to this technique, you will learn in record time how to express ideas by drawing and directly in front of an audience. Everyone is able to visualize and draw, so you only need to acquire knowledge of key elements and gain confidence in your abilities.

During my classes, you will learn to:

• Create visual materials to accompany and support work process.

• Lead work groups using a wide range of creative techniques.

• Stimulate activities around creativity and innovation.

Through the stimulation of the five senses, the participant increases in a playful and interactive way, up to 60% his capacity of memorization.

Graphic recording

Create an unforgettable experience through live drawing


Realization of visual protocols represents a visual transcription of different content showcased and discussed during a working session, a conference or a workshop. The goal is to highlight key messages and stimulate a thorough debate. This playful and fascinating method boosts the event and allows a creative communication between participants.


In recent years, I have been involved as a sketcher in various leading events but also to guide working groups in their strategic development. A mandate is usually based on a theme which is previously discussed with my clients. Then I develop a canvas and a visual language in accordance with the needs and requirements of the event.


If you are interested to learn more about graphic recording, please don’t hesitate to take contact with me, by e-mail or phone.

Personal development

I organize workshops in personal development using different techniques from yoga and meditation. I work on various subjects: managing stress and emotions, connecting to oneself in order to understand one's needs, enabling a sensation of letting go in order to live one's life in its full creative potential. Our body is the basic tool that anchors us in the here and now and serves as an exploration medium.

My teaching method is focused on the awareness of the moment, the processes of change will be articulated in organic progress, made in joy: life is a journey that deserves to be enjoyed.

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